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About Seahawk

For fifteen years Seahawk Charters has been putting large striped bass on the deck and keeping clients happy. I have now expanded the business by adding a 23 foot Sea craft that I use for light tackle and live bait fishing. Newly repowered with a 250 yamaha, this puts you on the fish faster and allows us to cover more ground to catch more fish. The work horse is still my 29 foot hawk. Fully enclosed and repowered in March of 2010 with a new 455 CAT we can cruise at a comfortable 25 knots. As always, I pick up at Davis and Tripp in South Dartmouth MA. Travel time to the island is about 25 minutes on a good day. When you arrive on island transport is provided for you and your crew to your accommodations.  I will make sure you have everything you need and set the fishing times that we will be going out on. Time on the water is about 4 hours and I like to fish two trips a day. Fish that are caught and kept will be brought back, cut and packed.  While on island you will have use of a golf cart to explore, all I ask is you keep to the tarred road. To contact us please call 508 997 6387 or email
Seahawk offers all the bait, tackle and gear you will need to enjoy a day on the water. We ask our customers to supply appropriate sunscreen, headwear and clothing to be comfortable. Most charters last 4 hours, so pack a cooler to keep yourself hydrated and fed. Cuttyhunk is also a dry island, so if beer or wine is your drink of choice bring it along. The market on the island carries most necessities, but we recommend you bring any specialty items you may need. Also, the market, shops and food carts only accept cash or checks. The Marina and The Corner Store accept most major Credit Cards. Seahawk picks up in South Dartmouth and offers free parking for up to two vehicles. A golf cart will be provided while on the island for Seahawk fishing parties only. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call. I or my wife Lexi will be happy to help you out.
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